Learn All About The WordPress Media Library

WordPress Media Library

About This Lesson

Within WordPress is a “Media Library”. This library is where you can manage all the files you’ve upload to your site, such as your images, audio, videos, PDFs or Word documents.

Within the library you can view, edit or delete media you’ve previously uploaded to your site.

And you can also upload new media without having to put it straight into a post or page.

In this lessons I’ll,

  1. Explain what all the options on the media library screen are. And I’ll explain how you might use them.
  2. Walk you through the edit media screen
  3. And I’ll show you how to add new media

There are only 2 prerequisites for this lesson.

  1. You need to know what WordPress is.
  2. And you should have gone through and setup your Media settings.

You might also want to check out my “How To Add Media Into Your Content” lesson, which, while not a prerequisite, it’s a nice complimentary lesson.

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Understand The Media Library Screen

To begin with, let me quickly explain what all the different options on the media library screen are and explain how you might use them.

WordPress Media Library

1) Navigate To The Media Library: – The first thing you’ll need to do, is navigate to your media library. To do that, in your navigation menu simply hover over “Media” then click “Library”.

2) Media Within The Library: – You’ll then see rows of media that you’ve previously uploaded.

3) Searching For A Media File: – There are a number of ways you can search through the media library for a specific piece of media,

  • 3a) Media Items – Using this filter, you can search through i) only images, ii) only audio, iii) only videos or by iv) media that isn’t attached to a post or page
  • 3b) Date – If you know the date of when you added a file to your site, you can use dates search
  • 3c) Search Box – If you know the name of the file, you can use the search box

4) Add New: – You can also Add New media within the media library, which I’ll show you how to do in a moment.

Edit Media Screen

If you were to click a piece of media within the media library, you’ll be taken to an “Attachment Details” section of WordPress.

Here you can,

Edit Media Screen

  1. Details: – See some basic details about the media, such as name, when you uploaded it, it’s size, etc
  2. File URL: – This is a direct link to the media file on your site
  3. Title: – Change the title of the media
  4. Caption: – This lets you add/edit a caption for the media, which you can add if you want and which will usually display just below the media
  5. Alternative Text: – If the media you’re looking at is an image, you’ll have the alternative text option, which, if for any reason your image doesn’t load on your site, the text you put in here will be displayed instead. I normally just put a small description of what the image is about
  6. Description: – This lets you give an explanation for this media. This may be included in your “Attachment Page”, but it depends on your theme
  7. Uploaded: – See what user uploaded the media. Also, if you see a link and you click it, you’ll be taken into the edit area for the particular post or page that this media was uploaded to
  8. Attachment Page, Edit More Details & Delete Permanently: –
    1. If you click the attachment page, you’ll view the media within a page that WordPress automatically creates for your media
    2. If you click edit more details, you’ll be able to change some of the details of the media
    3. If you click delete permanently, the media will be completed removed from your site
  9. Edit Image: – If you click this button, you’ll be taken into WordPress’s built in image editor. Here you can change the sizes of images, crop them, or flip and rotate them. Personally I never use WordPress’s image editor, simply because it’s pretty lightweight. I prefer to do all the editing on my images before I add them to my site. But as always, the choice is yours. (If you want to see a great free image editor, see my “Tools Of The Trade” page.)

Add New Media

Also within the “Media” section of WordPress, you have the chance to upload new media for later use in your posts or pages.

So let me quickly show you how to use this.

Upload New Media

  1. First, in your navigation menu, simply hover over “Media” then click “Add New”
  2. If your web browser allows it, you can simply drag the media from your computer, into the blue box that says “Drop files here”.
  3. If your web browser doesn’t allow number 2 above, you’ll need to use the “browser uploader”, which is where you can browse the media you have on your computer, within your web browser

When it’s finished uploading, you’ll see something similar to the image below.

Uploaded Media

And that’s all there is to the WordPress Media Library.

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