Where To Search For WordPress Themes

Where To Search For WordPress Themes

About This Lesson

Finding a WordPress theme can be tough, especially when you’re starting out.

With WordPress unfortunately there’s not one central place where all themes are listed, which means to find a theme that suits you, you might need to visit multiple places.

In this lesson I’m going to show you 4 different places you can go to, to search for themes, including the places where I get my themes from.


Please note: some of the links on this page are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. (It’s how I’m able to provide all the content on this site for free!) Having said that, I only link to products or services that I feel confident recommending. You can read the full disclosure here.


There are no prerequisites for this lesson, but it’s worth noting, this is a part of a series of lessons, all to do with installing and setting up your WordPress theme.

You can see the other lessons in this series, by visiting the links below.

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Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

The first place I recommend going to when you’re searching for a theme, is Elegant Themes.

They have over 87 themes you can choose from and also a number of plugins.

Elegant themes is where I got the theme I’m using on this site! (The theme I’m talking about is Divi and is by far my number one recommended theme. Divi has the most customization options I’ve ever seen on a theme!)

Another great advantage with Elegant Themes is that when you buy one theme, you actually get access to all of their other 87 themes!

The prices are,

  1. $69 per year for access to all 87 themes
  2. Or $89 per year for access to all 87 themes AND all of their plugins
  3. Or $249 for lifetime access to all their themes and plugins, both now and in the future!

Check out Elegant Themes here.



StudioPress offer a wide range of premium WordPress themes, which are all built by a company that I trust and can happily recommend. (In fact I like them so much that I own ALL of their themes!)

StudioPress offer unlimited support, updates and their themes can be used on unlimited domains.

Their individual themes range from $59.95 – $99.95.

Check out StudioPress here.

Theme Forest

ThemeForest Themes

Theme Forest is by far the largest marketplace of premium WordPress themes, with over 5,500 themes.

Theme Forest works like the iPhone app store, but for WordPress themes instead. Theme developers list their theme within the Theme Forest marketplace and then people looking for a theme go through the marketplace and find a theme they like.

I was a little hesitant to include them in this list, simply because some of the themes listed here aren’t that good. Or they over promise what they’re able to do and then under deliver on that. (But I have brought over 10 themes from there… and 4-5 of them where good!)

Because it’s a marketplace with over 5,500 themes, I can’t personally recommend to you what themes are good and what themes are bad, which means you’ll have to make a judgement call if you choose to pick a theme from here.

Although I will say, if you’re looking at themes on Theme Forest, look at the following.

Research For Theme Forest Themes

  1. The “Buyer Rating” for that particular theme
  2. Read through the comments left by previous customers, to get an idea for what their saying
  3. Also, look through the company/developers portfolio and see the other themes they’ve built. Look through the ratings they’ve received for those. This’ll give you a feel for how good the company is.

Also, make sure you go through my “how to choose a WordPress theme” lesson, for more ideas on what you should be thinking about when picking a theme!

Themes at Theme Forest range in price, from $28 – $63.

Check out Theme Forest here.

When Searching For A Theme On Theme Forest…

When searching for a theme on Theme Forest, make sure you’re searching in the WordPress themes category. Theme Forest offer a wide range of other themes and templates that won’t work with WordPress, such as “Joomla Templates” and “Tumblr Themes”, etc.

It’s pretty easy to search for WordPress themes, you can either click this link here, or like in the image below, simply click the “WordPress” link in the navigation.

WordPress Themes On Theme Forest

WordPress Directory

WordPress Themes Directory

Finally there’s the WordPress directory, which has over 2,000 themes. This is where you can go to get free themes. BUT, I strongly recommend against using free themes. That’s why I left them to last!

Free themes are built by people who are either creating the theme as a hobby or by a company who create a free, basic version, in the hope you’ll want to get more advanced features by getting the premium version of their theme.

But there are the following problems with this.

1) No Guarantee Of Updates: – The core of WordPress is constantly being updated, this is to add new features or fix any bugs, however these updates can affect themes.

With a free theme, you have no guarantees that the theme developer will update their theme, after all, there’s no incentives or obligations to update it.

If a theme isn’t kept up to date, it may stop working with WordPress or it can lead to security vulnerabilities.

2) Limited Support: – Most developers of free themes offer very limited, or absolutely no support to users.

So if you run into any problems, you’re left on your own to figure them out.

3) Less Options: – Most free WordPress themes have very few customization options, which means it’s a lot harder to adapt the theme to your needs.

This is because the developers want you to upgrade to a paid version of the theme, where you’ll get the extra options.

But if you are interested in free themes, check out the WordPress Directory here.

Side Note: I don’t want to be completely negative about free themes.

When I started out, because I was creating a website as a hobby, I didn’t really want to spend money on a premium theme, so I used a free one.

And although I had to learn some HTML/CSS to make changes to that theme, it was a free theme that got me started.

If you’re creating a website as a hobby, then you might be able to find a free theme that suits you.

If you’re creating a website for your business, then I would recommend against getting a free theme for the reasons I listed above. (Save yourself time and hassle.)

Next Steps

This lesson is a part of Step 5 in creating your website and learning how to use WordPress. Step 5 is all about installing and setting up your WordPress theme.

I’ve broken this step into two parts.

In the first part, we cover the basics of WordPress themes, which you can see in these four lessons,

Then we move on to the second part, setting up your theme.

Now because there are 10,000+ different themes, all with different options, it’s impossible for me to show you how to set them all up!

However I can show you how to setup the following,

  • WordPress Menus: – See how to change the links within your navigation menu and also see how to create a drop down menu
  • WordPress Widgets: – Learn how to use widgets to customize what gets displayed in your widget areas, such as your sidebar and footer
  • WordPress Plugins: – See how to add extra features and functionality to your site, such as a contact form, a slideshow, a coming soon page, etc