Before You Begin

Before we can begin on this journey there’s a few things you need to know, so in this post I’ll cover,

  • What the goals of these case studies are
  • How these case studies will help you if you’re a small business owner
  • What you can expect and what you need to know!

Goals For These Case Studies

I talked a bit about this on the main case study page, but I don’t think every small business needs to have a website.

I personally doubt most small businesses get any results from their website and I imagine most businesses waste a ton of money / time.

But that’s just it, “I think” and “I imagine”. I have no actual data to back that up, it’s all just assumptions.

And so with these case studies I want to find out,

  • Exactly how to create, market and grow a website for a small business
  • How much everything costs
  • The time it all takes
  • What’s really possible, i.e. customers and sales

Rather than just saying you should or shouldn’t have a website, I want to find some actual answers, based on facts and not opinions.

So through these case studies I hope to learn how to build successful, income generating websites, for small businesses.

And You Get To Watch Me “Do It” (you pervert)

Watch What I Do

I also want to share all of this with you. You get to look over my shoulder and watch me document everything I do, how I do it and the results it leads to.

I’m going to be brutally honest throughout.

I’ll be sharing all the stuff no one else seems to talk about, the failures, the time that ends up being wasted, the mistakes I make along the way, the money I waste, or the lackluster results. (So you can avoid making the same mistakes.)

If I create a website and it fails at getting customers / sales, then I’ll share that with you, because, after all, that’s a real possibility! (Like I said a moment ago, I truly doubt most small businesses get any results from their websites.)

Through these case studies we’ll find out what’s really possible!

What To Expect / What You Should Know

Before we start, I should probably make a few things clear.

These Are “Real World” Case Studies

You won’t find any, “7 tips to get more twitter followers” or, “I built a website in 5 days and now I’m a gazillionaire… and you can too”.

These are real businesses, with a real need to get customers.

This won’t be quick or easy.

I predict this is going to be hard, boring, long, frustrating, etc.

And because this is the real world, I will make a lot of mistakes along the way, things will take longer then I want and results may be underwhelming.

We’ll Do It Live

Ah Bill It Will Be OK

Most case studies are about someone showing you all the success they’ve had, how brilliant they are, followed up with why you should hire them!

But that’s not what this is about.

I’m not trying to convince you to create a website for your business. That’s a decision you have to make for yourself and as I’ve said multiple times already, I’m not sure it’s actually worth it for all small businesses.

These case studies are about finding what’s really possible, that’s why I’m doing them live. If a website I create fails, then that’s what’s really possible!

I’ll share all the gory details about how badly it failed and we can do a “post case study analysis” to figure out why it failed and hopefully we can learn from it.

The reality is, none of this is guaranteed to work. (You could be watching the slowest trainwreck known to man!)

I could end up wasting a lot of my time and money.

It’s live T.V. Anything could happen…

Also, because it’s live, I’ll be sharing my progress along the way, so there may be times when it’s weeks between updates.

Learning By Doing

Learn By Doing

I’ve never created or marketed a website for a small, “local” business before. (Although I have built websites for worldwide audiences, like this one.)

I’m definitely not an “online expert”. But then I’m guessing nor are you, which makes this a bit more real.

It also means you should take these case studies as, “you’re watching me try things out and seeing what works and what doesn’t”, instead of, “this is exactly how this works, follow me and you’re guaranteed results”.

These case studies will be a lot of trying things out, learning as we go, seeing the results we get and then making improvements where needed.

If what I do works, I’ll share that with you and show you exactly how you can do it yourself. (If you decide it suits your situation.)

And if what I do fails, I’ll share that with you too, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. (And so you can point and laugh!)

Revealing The Identity Of The Sites

Secret Identities Can Be Fun Too

To make these case studies fair, I won’t be revealing the identity of these websites until after they’ve started to have some success.

If I share that information up front we won’t know if the website is a success because of the work I did, or because I linked to it from here.

Also, because these are real world case studies, if the business owner doesn’t want the web address or the location of their business revealed, I won’t be revealing that.

I know for some people that will make some of this a little less valuable, but the business owners in these case studies will have the final say, it’s their business after all.

Whether or not you like the decision to keep some of the sites private, you’ll still get to see exactly what I do, how I do it and the results I get.

Questions, Questions, So Many Questions

A big reason why I’m doing these case studies is because I have more questions then answers!

Throughout these case studies you’ll see me ask a lot of questions and hopefully I’ll find some answers. Which I can then share with you.

I’ll also be interviewing and getting the advice of experts in their field, i.e. local seo or paid advertising or social media and then sharing that on this website.

Less Talk – More Action

That’s it.

That’s what these case studies are all about.

Hopefully I’ll have some successes along the way, which I can then share with you and show you exactly how to do similar.

And if what I do fails, I can share that with you too, so you can avoid making the same mistakes!

Case study number 1 awaits you here.

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