How To Login To Your WordPress Site

Login To WordPress

About This Lesson

This is a quick and easy lesson which’ll show you how to login to your WordPress site.

Logging in is actually really easy, you just need to go to a special page on your website, but if you’re a first time user you may not know where this page is.

The page you need to visit will depend on where you’ve installed WordPress on your site, but I’ll show you that in this lesson.

There are three “mini” parts to this lesson,

1) How to login if you installed WordPress into your root domain

2) How to login if you installed WordPress into a sub folder

3) Finally, Login!


Before logging into WordPress, you’ll need to have,

1) Registered a domain name and have hosting setup

2) Understood what WordPress is & how it works

And most obviously, you’ll need to have installed WordPress. You can do this one of two ways,

1) Install WordPress with SiteGround (The Quick & Easy Way)

2) Install WordPress manually

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Main Folder

If you’ve installed WordPress into the main folder of your site, i.e. then the page you need to go to, is simply, /wp-login.php

So together it’s,

Sub Folder

However, if you installed WordPress into a folder, like I did when I showed you how to install WordPress with SiteGround (in step 3/5), then you need to insert the folder name into the address.

So because I installed it into a folder called “wordpress”, the address I need to go to is,

Finally, Login

Then to login, simply enter in your username and password and then click login.

Login To WordPress

I told you it was simple.

Next Steps

Now that you have WordPress installed and you know how to login, it’s time to learn how to navigate around WordPress.

And when you’ve done that, the next step in creating your website and learning how to use WordPress, is to go through the WordPress settings.