Learn How To Embed YouTube Videos

Upload Video To YouTube

About This Lesson

In this lesson I’ll walk you through how to embed videos into your content and I’ll also explain why you should do this, instead of inserting them directly into your content.

Here are the two steps you’ll need to take to embed videos, using YouTube,

  1. Upload the video to YouTube
  2. Insert the video into your site

Before starting this lesson I recommend that you,

1) Understand the difference between WordPress posts and pages

2) Learn all about WordPress posts

3) Learn all about WordPress pages

It’s also worth noting, this is a part of a series of lessons which show you how to create the content for your website. You can see the other lessons in this series by visiting the links below.

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Why You Should Embed Rather Then Inserting Directly Into Your Content

You can insert videos directly into your content. It’s the exact same process as uploading an image from your computer.

However, I would STRONGLY recommend against this.

Video are generally pretty big files and adding them into your site will take up disk space and bandwidth (traffic to and from your site).

Even if your host say you get unlimited disk space/bandwidth, there is an upper limit. 99% of people will probably never reach this. I’ve never reached it myself and I have over 20 websites on one hosting plan. But if you start adding lots of videos into your site then you will run into problems.


Personally I recommend using YouTube to host all your videos and then embed them into your content. Much like I do when I embed videos on this site.

This has the benefit of not only saving you disk space and bandwidth, not only is it free to use, but it can also bring in traffic to your site, from people who find your videos on YouTube. (Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google?)

See How To Embed Videos Using YouTube

Step 1/2 – Upload The Video

First you need to upload the video to YouTube. To do this, go to YouTube and click “Upload”.

Upload Video To YouTube

Then click and drag the video from your computer, into YouTube, and this will begin uploading the video.

Begin Uploading Video To YouTube

When it’s finished uploading, go to the page on YouTube where your video is being hosted.

View Your Video On YouTube

Step 2/2 – Insert The Video Into Your Site

Now we move onto the stage of inserting the video into your content. To do this we need some code, which YouTube supply for us.

So go to the YouTube page your video is on. Then just at the bottom of the video you’ll see the option to “Share”.

Copy YouTube Embed Code

  1. Click “Share”
  2. Then “Embed”
  3. Copy this block of code. We’re going to be pasting this into our site in a moment
  4. If you want, YouTube lets you choose the size of the video, just insert the dimensions you want in here

Now you’ve copied the code, go to the page or post on your site that you want to embed this video into.

Insert YouTube Embed Code Into Your Content

  1. Switch to “Text” editor, as you need to insert code
  2. Paste the code in the place on your page where you want the video to go
  3. Click “Update” to save changes

And that’s it, you’ve now embedded a video from YouTube, into your content.

Embedded YouTube Video

Next Steps

Hopefully by now you’ve gone through all the lessons which show you how to create the content for your website, if not here they are,

Then when you’ve gone through those, the next step in creating your website and using WordPress, will be Step 5 – Install and setup your WordPress theme.

Now I actually recommend doing step 4 and step 5 together.

As I talked about in a previous lesson in step 4, how your content looks, will depend on the theme you’re using.

So rather then creating all your content now, with a theme that’s going to be styled one way, and then changing your theme, to a theme that’s going to be styled completely different, I recommend picking your theme first and then start creating your content.