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What This Sites About
I built this website to help small business owners, create, market and grow their website, so they can get as many leads and sales as possible.

To begin with I only had my, “do it yourself” help, which was my “how to create a website” course and live case studies of me building websites for small businesses.

But I kept hearing from small business owners who had no desire to learn how to create their own website or to learn how to do their own online marketing.

They just wanted to focus on their own work, be that accounting, plumbing, cleaning, running their b+b, being a wedding photographer, etc.

They knew the course and case studies were there, but it meant they had to put in 100+ hours just to get started and even more time to get results.

Time they simply didn’t have.

Or some people had started the course, but were getting frustrated as they were running into “technical difficulties”, which they had to try and solve themselves.

They just wanted the work “done for them”.

Doing It Yourself vs Getting It “Done For You”

Doing It Yourself

Learn How To Create A Website

You can create your own website and then do the online marketing that is required to start getting customers.

In fact, doing it yourself is perfect for people on a really tight budget, as you can cut out the cost of hiring someone.

However, it’s a lot of work!

First you’ll need to learn what to do and how to do it. (See below.)

Then you’ll need to implement what you learn.

What’s more, if when you run into problems, it’s up to you to find the solutions.

If you want to create, market and grow your own website, check out my,

Although, please note, these resources aren’t specific to you, it’s broad advice, which means you’ll have to take what you learn and adapt it to your specific situation.

For instance, what a cleaning company has to do to get customers, will be different to say a wedding photographer. What an accountant in Napa, California has to do to get customers, will be different to an accountant in Aspen, Colorado.

What you have to do depends on the market you’re in and who you’re competing against. So you’ll need to take this broad advice and tailor it specifically to yourself.

Getting It Done For You

Websites And Marketing Done For You

If you don’t fancy “doing it yourself”, you can hire someone else, who can then do all the work of getting you more customers, so you just have to worry about servicing them!

Hiring someone will take you less time, but you’re obviously paying for someone else’s time, skill and experience, which is therefore going to cost you more.

(Although if you’re paying someone who specialises in small business websites, you should get better results and a better ROI for your money/time!)

What’s Best For You?

To be honest, neither option is perfect!

Both have their pros and cons. You have to decide what’s best for you and your situation.

Doing it yourself is cheaper, but takes you a lot more time. And ultimately, your results probably wont be as good as hiring someone.

Getting the work done for you, is initially more expensive, but takes you less time and you should get better results/ROI. (But obviously that depends on who you hire!)

Want To “Get It Done For You”

If you’re interested in hiring someone to do the work for you, I’m happy to make recommendations based on what you need.

Just fill out the form below with details of your business and I’ll give you a free analysis based on what your business does, your competition, etc,

If I think the work you need fit’s my skills and experience, I’m happy to give you a free quote. (If you want one!)

If I don’t think I can personally help you, I can recommend other companies / consultants / freelancers, and give you some free advice on what you should be looking for!

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