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Unfortunately I’m unable to offer 1-1 support, (although I may be available for hire) but you can always check out my,

If you’re needing help with WordPress, a WordPress theme, or a WordPress plugin, be sure to check out the WordPress support forums, where you can get the support of thousands of WordPress developers and users.

Just remember to do a quick search through the forums before you ask a question, as someone may have previously asked the same question and there may already be an answer to your problem.

And remember, the people in there are providing support in their spare time, free of charge, so don’t make demands, or take your frustrations out on them!

If you paid for a theme or plugin, you’ll need to contact the developer or company directly for support.


I’m afraid I don’t,

  1. Accept guest posts on my blog
  2. Sell links
  3. Need help getting on the front page of Google, or “Explosive Traffic,” but thanks, you people emailing me and offering those services are awesome. Just awesome.

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Are you mad? Why would you want to do that for!?!

Ha, ha, ha, I’m so funny. 😐 😐 😐

No, but seriously, if you’re interested in hiring me, check out my, “Done For You” page.

If I don’t think I can help you, I can probably recommend other companies / consultants / freelancers.

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