Small Business Websites  – Live Case Studies

Watch me create, market and grow websites for small businesses – See what’s possible and how to do it yourself!

Small Business Websites - Live Case Studies

You Get To See

  • What I do
  • Exactly how I do it (so you can do similar)
  • Find out how much it all costs
  • How long everything takes
  • What results are possible, i.e. customers and sales
  • And brutal honesty! If I spend $2,000 on a site and it leads to $50 in sales, you’ll know about it!

What These Case Studies Are All About

Every business owner will at some point ask themselves the following questions,

  • Do I need a website?
  • If so, how much will it cost?
  • How long will everything take?
  • How do I get started and what do I need to do?
  • What sort of results will I get?

Well, frankly, I’m not sure every small business needs to have a website.

And so these case studies are about finding answers to the above questions! Learn more about these case studies here.

What These Case Studies Are All About

What's Possible

What’s Possible

I’ve never actually created or marketed a site for a small or “local” business before. I’m guessing that puts me in the same position as you, in that I’ll be figuring this out as I go!

I’ll be sharing with you any good results I get and showing you how you can do similar.

Doesn't Work

What Doesn’t Work

I’ll also share all the failures! The time that ends up being wasted, the mistakes I make, the money I lose, or the lackluster results!

I’m going to be brutally honest, if I spend $2,000 to get a site created for a small business and it leads to $50 in customer sales, you’ll know about it.

And It's Live

We’ll Do It Live…

These case studies are about finding what’s REALLY possible, that’s why I’m doing them live.

The reality is, none of this is guaranteed to work. I could end up wasting a lot of my time and money.

It’s live T.V. Anything could happen…

The Current Live Case Study

Case Study 1

Current Stage: – Contacting people and offering them the chance to get a website built for free…

Time Spent So Far: – 0 Hours!

Total Cost So Far: – $0

Results So Far: – None, I’m just getting started!

Date Updated: – 5th September 2015

Case Study Updates So Far…

Before We Begin - Case Study 1 Part 0

See how these case studies will help you, what you can expect, what my goals are and what you need to know!

Learn More

The Initial Plan - Case Study 1 Part 1

And so it begins! In this post I share the work I’ve done so far and my initial plan for the first case study sites.

Learn More

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