My Aim Is Simple

If you’re a small business owner, I want to help you create, market and grow your website, so you get as many leads, sales and customers, as possible.

What This Sites About

Create: – I want to show you how to create a website from scratch, without knowing any code and for the fraction of the cost of hiring someone. So even if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll be able to do it yourself!

(Or if you have the budget for it, you can hire me or a company I recommend!)

Market: – Once you have your website setup, I want to help you get visitors and potential customers.

Grow: – And I want to help you grow your business, by converting potential customers into as many leads and sales as possible!

So that’s the aim, but how will I do all of that?


How This Site Can Help You

First Of All, There’s The Case Studies!

(I’m really excited about the case studies, but I’m also scared. In fact mostly scared. Like 95% scared, 5% excited!)

I want to show you real world and completely live case studies, where I’ll create, market and grow, websites for small businesses.

You’ll get to see everything that goes into creating a website, marketing that site, and eventually getting leads and sales from that site.

You’ll see all the steps you need to take, with no steps skipped, so you can do similar.

What These Case Studies Are All About

You’ll get to follow along and watch me document,

  • What I do and exactly how I do it, so you can do similar
  • The mistakes I make and the lessons I learn (I’m sure they’ll be plenty of mistakes. But at least by watching me screw up, you can avoid making the same mistakes!)
  • How much it costs to create
  • How long everything takes
  • What I do to market different sites and the costs involved
  • And see the results (Good and bad)

All of the case studies will be live, so you can follow along with them in real time. And because their live, there’s no guarantees any of this will work. (You see why I’m scared right? I could end up looking pretty stupid…)

What’s The Purpose Of These Case Studies?

Well, I’m about to say something you won’t hear many people say.

I’m not actually sure every small business needs their own website.


(That’s right, the person showing small businesses how to create their own website, isn’t sure all small businesses need one… confidence inspiring stuff.)

I personally doubt most small businesses get any results from their website and I imagine most businesses waste a ton of money / time.

But that’s just it, “I think” and “I imagine”. I have no actual data to back that up, it’s all just assumptions.

Which is why I’m doing these case studies. I personally want to see what sort of results you can get, i.e. customers and sales, the time everything takes and how much it all costs.

Through these case studies I’ll be learning how to build successful, income generating websites, for small businesses, and I’ll be sharing that knowledge with you, so you can do similar.

Rather than just saying who should or shouldn’t have a website, I want to find some actual answers, based on facts and not opinions.

Get The Latest Case Study Updates

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How Else Can This Site Help You?


Currently with this site you can take my how to create a website course, which has over 20 lessons showing you how to create a website from scratch. (No coding needed.)

And you can also learn more about WordPress and how to use it, with another course I have. (If you don’t know what WordPress is, check out my what is WordPress lesson.)

Tools And Individual Tutorials

I’ve also put together a selection of tools and resources, which I personally use when creating websites, which save me time, money and hassle. You might find them useful too. – Check out the tools.

And I have individual tutorials, which can help you with creating, marketing and growing your website. (See how to do things like, add contact forms, setup email accounts, add videos, etc) – Check out the tutorials.

Bringing In The Pros

I’ll also be getting people who are experts in their field, to give me advice, tactics, tips and strategies. And I’ll be getting them to share their knowledge with you.

So, people who specialize in one particular area of creating, marketing or growing websites, be that,

  • SEO – (General & Local)
  • Paid Advertising – (Adwords, Facebook, Remarketing, etc)
  • Social Media – (Is this a waste of time for small businesses? We’ll see)
  • WordPress
  • Directories – (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc)

Get It Done For You

And finally, if you have no desire to learn how to create you own website or to learn how to do your own online marketing, you can always “get it done for you“.

Who This Websites For (And Not For)

So you know what this websites aim is, you know what I already offer to help you, but who exactly can this site help?

For You

This Sites For You, If You’re…

  • A newbie
  • A small business owner
  • Looking to create your own website and get visitors, leads and sales
  • A DIYer – Someone who doesn’t currently have the budget to hire a web designer / online marketing company, but sees the value of being found by potential customers online. So you’ll learn what you need to do and do it yourself
  • Or you want to hire someone, but before you do, you want to see what’s possible with small business websites and what work’s required
  • Ready to put in the time that’s needed to make this work and prepared to make some compromises along the way
  • Ready to fail, fail, fail, fail, and then eventually get it right! (Because that’s been my experience of creating websites. Although hopefully I can help you avoid some of those fails.)
  • Capable of putting up with me!

This Sites Not For You, If You’re…

Not For You

  • Expecting this to be, step 1 + step 2 + step 3 = WIN. (Creating a website and getting customers is a process. And within that process is a ton of mistakes readjustments. Trying something out, seeing it fail, learning from it, then trying something new and seeing how that does! But I’m sure you’ll see all of that in my case studies.)
  • Thinking this will be easy. No, no. This stuff is hard, but it’s “doable”, as long as you’re ready to work at it and not give up!
  • Someone with more money than time. If this is you, then you should look a hiring a professional designer / developer / online marketer, as doing this stuff yourself takes time.
    • Time to learn, time to implement, time to adapt what you’ve learnt to your specific situation, time to make readjustments, etc.
    • If you have the budget for it, save yourself that time by going to someone who already knows what they’re doing and who can do all the heavy lifting for you. You may even get better results too, they are pros after all. (Have more money than time? Get it done for you!)
  • Wanting to be a professional web designer / web developer / online marketer. This website can’t help you become a pro. This sites about helping small business owners and the types of people who want to create a basic website, without knowing any code, and who aren’t looking to create the next Google, Facebook or Amazon! And so the case studies and tutorials are aimed at them. If you want to become a pro, check this site out.
  • Not wanting to follow someone on a journey. That’s my way of saying I’m not an expert. I know some stuff, but a big part of this site is about me learning, trying things out and then sharing that with you. (The good, the bad and the awful.)

But, Why?


In the 7 years I’ve been building websites, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Mistakes that where easily avoidable, if only I’d had the right information.

I want to help you avoid all the mistakes I’ve made and save you some time, money and confusion.

With this site I’ll be sharing what I know and sharing what I’ve learnt so far, so you can avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made.

And I also want to share my journey going forward. So all the things I’m doing with creating, marketing and growing websites, including the case studies of me building websites for small businesses.

  • I’ll share with you the success, so you can do similar on your website
  • But also the complete failures. You’ll see what doesn’t work, what’s a waste of time and what’s a waste of money

About Me

Dont Be AfraidMy name’s Ryan Love and I started building websites about 7 years ago as a hobby, in that time I’ve built and run lots of different websites, covering a wide rage of topics.

It’s gone from being something I did as a hobby, to something I now do as my living.

There’s still a lot I have to learn, for instance I’ve never done anything with paid advertising or built sites for small “local” businesses. (Although I have built websites for worldwide audiences, like this one.)

I’m guessing that puts me in a similar position to you, I mean, I don’t even know if small businesses need a website. I also don’t know how much it all costs, or how long everything will take, or what sort of results (i.e. customers and sales) are possible.

I’ll be figuring this stuff out as I go and sharing what I find in the case studies.

I really do hate talking about myself, so if there’s anything else you want to know, feel free to contact me!

Stay Tuned, Exciting Stuff On The Morrow!

In the next few blog posts I’ll be starting the first case study, which is going to be building a website for a small, “local” business.

But first, I’m in research mode.

Have a question? Want to know more? Want help? Want to help me? Feel free to contact me.

Images Credits: For You, Not For You, The Journey, Shocking!